Car Cake

Well, my niece’s birthday party was held a couple of weeks ago, and I had the honor of making a cake for this precious little girl.  Last year, I made her a Garden Girl birthday cake, and this year her mom told me that she wanted a pink edible car.  Done.

I bought the car cake pan online, and made a strawberry cake.  I figured since she wanted  a pink car cake, she wouldn’t mind the inside of it being pink, too.  I spread the gray icing around the window area first, then using tip number 16, I starred the different shades of pink icing all around, leaving the areas for the tires.  With these cakes, I wanted to make sure that the car cake would not sink into the bottom cake, so I used wooden dowel rods and a cake board to separate the two cakes from each other, and inserted a dowel rod all the way through both cakes for added support while traveling.

I wanted to personalize the car, so what better way than to have a personalized license plate on the back of the car?  Perfect.  I cut a small piece of white fondant and used an edible black pen to write on the license plate.  Using purple fondant, I rolled it out and used small and large cutters for the 4 on the front, back and sides of the car.  The top of the car seemed like it needed something as well, so I cut some fondant strips for the racing stripes.  The headlights and tail lights are M&M’s.  The top tier is strawberry cake, and the bottom tier is cinnamon cake…both cakes are covered with cream cheese icing.

Oh, and since the party was at Monkey Joe’s, we had to have some little monkeys.  So, I did some research to see what I could find that was monkey related, and found the instructional video on how to make these.  They were SO cute…and absolutely delicious.  They’re all chocolate…dark chocolate cake mix, chocolate icing, dark chocolate coating.  They were time consuming, but definitely worth it!  Mine didn’t come out as well as the girl who instructed how to make these, but I figured they weren’t too bad for a first attempt.  This is the video that showed me how to make them.


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