Tow Mater Cupcakes

With the “Cars” movies, it seems as though Lightning McQueen isn’t the true character in the spotlight…  It’s the loveable, goofy and fun Tow Mater.  My brother’s good friend has a son who is a huge fan of Tow Mater, and he asked me if I could make some cupcakes for the birthday party.  He sent me a link that he found with instructions and pictures of how to make these, from Bakerella.  I can’t tell you how many times I kept walking back in the room, just to look at these guys because they are so stinking cute.

These are definitely big for being cupcakes.  They consist of one jumbo cupcake and two regular size cupcakes, so it’s equivalent to 4 cupcakes total.  The flavor that I made here was yellow cake with mini chocolate chips in the batter, so it’s the cookie dough cupcakes recipe minus the cookie dough inside the cupcakes…but you could always add the cookie dough to the batter.

I did make these a little different than the original instructions, but was very happy with how they turned out.  First of all, I used the star technique using tip number 21 to put the chocolate icing on.  I also spread black icing for the mouth on before the chocolate icing, instead of using a chocolate cookie as the mouth.  I couldn’t find the white M&M’s at the store, so I used the yellow ones for the headlights.  I liked that better, because there was more of a variety of color.  I also couldn’t find the particular gum that she suggested at my store, so I ended up getting Wintergreen instead…but it really doesn’t matter what brand or flavor, just as long as they’re the square or rectangular white chewing gum that look like teeth.


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  1. My son loved these, as did the rest of the kids at the party. It was nice to have a pro handle these for us – thanks Erin!

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