Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

For my daughter’s birthday party this year, I decided to go with a Minnie Mouse theme.  She gets so excited to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so the theme seemed quite appropriate.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do as far as decorative desserts, but I found myself going a little off in the deep end as the time got closer.  “Oh, I can do this!  And make that!”  There was a lot of sugar at this party, and that’s not including how many kisses the birthday girl received from friends and family.

Here is the dessert table.  The cookies on the front tray are Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies, but I covered them with pink chocolate instead of the standard white, and put white chocolate in a squeeze bottle to pipe on the number 2 and little polka dots.  The cookies are dark chocolate with white chocolate chips, to give them a polka dot look with the dark and white.

Ahh, the massive cake.  This is a two layer 14 inch round caramel/vanilla swirl cake with white chocolate icing, topped with a 4 lb. Minnie Mouse chocolate topper. Did I just say 4 pounds?  Yep!  I used the Mickey Mouse cake pan as the mold for this chocolate, and used a combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate wafers for the different colors.  When the dark chocolate came out, I still wanted it to be black, so I used a small paintbrush and painted black food coloring around the nose and ears to give it the solid black color.  The bow is made out of fondant.  I put a dowel rod in the center of the cake to keep the monstrous chocolate from sinking into the cake.  I used a gourmet food marker to trace the outline of her eyelashes, eyes, bridge of the nose and mouth.

Oreo Cupcakes.  Nuff said.  When I was going over the menu list for all of the desserts to my husband, he said that he didn’t hear anything I said after mentioning these babies.  They disappeared.  The letters were made with fondant and chocolate for the two toned colors to spell out “Kaitlyn is 2!”  The mini oreos were used as ears, and heart sprinkles were used as Minnie’s bows.  I ended up using the white chocolate icing for the cupcakes to keep the same pink color to match between the cake and cupcakes.

Alright, so I have a confession to make about the Minnie Mouse cake pops.  I saw a picture of these online, and I wanted to make the pops so that the sticks were coming straight up and they could sit in the candy cups…but was afraid that the process wouldn’t work out for some reason.  When I tested one to see if it would work, I started squealing like my two year old daughter when they came out the way they were supposed to.  I decided to make these strawberry flavored, so when bitten into, they’re pink inside!  Again, the heart sprinkles were used as bows, and chocolate wafers were the ears.

I bought these Minnie Mouse ears for her at Party City.  She loved the ears and ended up wearing them all over the store, then again at her party.  Cutest little mouse ever.

Another friend made this super cute Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes for her niece’s birthday party.  The cake was a two layer 6-inch yellow cake with buttercream frosting and she covered it in fondant, along with all of the decorations. She did wrap the cake with a ribbon at the bottom. The ears are two large carnival lollipops covered in black fondant. Since it took the bow several days to dry, she had to make it before she flew up to the party and make sure it did not break along the way.   After she arrived in New Jersey, the cupcake making party began. She ended up making about 72 cupcakes in total split between chocolate, vanilla, yellow, and she also made the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.  They were a big hit.  Half of the cupcakes were decorated with mini Oreos and sugar pearls. The other half she decorated with fondant decorations (although she said that she started to regret this decision halfway through!).  Each of the fondant decorations had three circles and then a bow that was made out of three pieces!  Very time consuming, but they turned out really cute.


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