Luau Birthday Cake

This cake was for a 1 year old’s birthday party…a big luau.  The water is made out of blue tinted piping gel, the middle tier is surrounded by pirouettes, the sand is graham cracker crumbs, the seashells, letters and flowers are made out of chocolate.  The bottom tier is cinnamon cake with cream cheese filling, the middle tier is double chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate filling, and the top tier is yellow cake.  This cake was heavy!  The bottom tier is a 3 layer 16 inch, the middle tier is a 2 layer 12 inch, and the top is the doll cake pan.  The mini cakes had a slight banana flavor, along with the cupcakes and baby cake.

This is the full sized doll cake kit that I use:

This is the mini doll cake pan that I used:


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