Toy Story Birthday

This was for a 3 year old boy’s birthday party, who absolutely loves Toy Story.  The cake is chocolate with chocolate chips, the cupcakes are vanilla with white chocolate chips.  All of the icing is buttercream, I used the Buzz Lightyear cake pan and followed the directions for outlining and coloring.  This cake was very detailed!  I’m not a natural artist, so following a design and tracing is much easier for me than free-handing…which would have been a nightmare.  The 16 inch cake board is covered in black icing, the stars are made out of chocolate and the letters are made out of fondant.  Some of the cupcake toppers are the standard Toy Story cupcake toppers, others are little plastic Toy Story rings, and of course the yellow stars are chocolate.  I got the color set for Buzz’s skintone, green and purple.  They also have black in the color kit. 

What I learned: With doing the outline, I used a number 2 tip.  But, I couldn’t see the outline very well, so next time I’ll use either number 3 or 4 tip for the outline.  With filling in the color, I used tip 16.

I ordered the Buzz Lightyear cake pan, the matching food coloring, the cupcake toppers and the cupcake stand from


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  1. Buzz turned out beautifully! William absolutely loved it, I could tell by the look on his face! We had lots of compliments too!

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