Pumpkin Pancakes

When it comes to breakfast, pancakes are the first thing that pop into my head.  My family loves getting together for a big breakfast with all kinds of delicious goodies, but usually a pancake breakfast is on its own…well, with bacon, of course.  Oh yeah, and homemade syrup as well. With that being said, whatRead More

Pumpkin Blondies

Since Thanksgiving is approaching, the pumpkin fever has definitely hit.  Last week, I made some pumpkin cupcakes that were absolutely delicious.  My husband got excited when I told him that I made some, and asked me to save him one.  I love the blondies that I’ve made before, and this is a pumpkin twist onRead More

Lemon Cupcakes

Easter is a big holiday for cakes, candies, chocolates…anything sweet, you name it.  Since I haven’t made lemon cupcakes before, this past weekend seemed like a perfect opportunity for it, and to use family as guinea pigs.  They’re just so lucky…or doomed.   While thinking about colors and flavors with what to decide on forRead More

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter is coming!  Well, technically since it’s tomorrow, I guess it’s pretty much already here.  We’re going to two different family gatherings tomorrow for the big bunny day, so I decided to make a cake and some cupcakes.  Here is the cake, as you can see.  This was the first time I made a 3DRead More

St. Patty’s Day Treats

The green time of year is approaching…And no, I’m not talking about the green grass of the spring and summer, or the green and red for Christmas.  St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite green day of the year.  Maybe it’s because I have red hair with fair skin, or maybe it’s because I have IrishRead More

New Year’s Cake

Here we are, 2012!  Can’t believe it’s been another year…that seems to be the thing I say the most every New Year.  It never gets old, I guess!  Well, what better way to bring in the New Year with a cake, right??  Right! The bottom tier is a 2 layer 12 inch square cinnamon cakeRead More