New Year’s Cake

Here we are, 2012!  Can’t believe it’s been another year…that seems to be the thing I say the most every New Year.  It never gets old, I guess!  Well, what better way to bring in the New Year with a cake, right??  Right!

The bottom tier is a 2 layer 12 inch square cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing in between the layers, covered with buttercream icing.  The top tier is a 3 layer 8 inch square chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between the layers, covered with chocolate icing that is tinted black.  After the icing had time to crust (harden), which takes about 15-20 minutes, I used a Viva paper towel to put on top of the cake, and smoothed it out as best as I could.

I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted in order to make the fireworks for the cake, so I decided to make them.  I went to Wal Mart in the arts and crafts section, and found what I needed to make my own little fireworks…and was very happy with how they turned out.  The numbers are made out of white chocolate, and I used edible silver spray paint to give them the silver, shimmery look.  I combined a little bit of the black icing with the white icing to make the gray, and decorated with that color.  In my head, the colors for New Year’s are black, white and silver…not sure why, but that’s just what popped in my head when brainstorming a theme for this cake.  I can’t wait to cut into this big guy!


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