Easter Bunny Cake

Easter is coming!  Well, technically since it’s tomorrow, I guess it’s pretty much already here.  We’re going to two different family gatherings tomorrow for the big bunny day, so I decided to make a cake and some cupcakes.  Here is the cake, as you can see.  This was the first time I made a 3D chocolate, so I was excited to try out the new mold.  Although there should have been a rough draft with this little guy, unfortunately that wasn’t planned out…  His little brown eyes smeared from the warm white chocolate that I poured into the mold, so the poor little guy looked like he had two black eyes.  So, I tried to paint some extra white chocolate under his eyes, and now he just looks like he had a rough night with bags under his eyes.  Maybe all of the sugar in the cake that he’s sitting on top of will help wake him up a little bit.

This is a 3 layer 9 inch chocolate caramel cake, covered and layered with chocolate icing.  I used pirouettes to place around the outside of the cake, and used cream cheese icing (tinted green) with a grass tip to pipe the grass on top of the cake and around the bunny.  The flat, multicolored eggs are made out of chocolate, using a mold.  The other eggs are chocolate malted easter eggs that I picked up from the store.  I loved the idea of tying a yellow bow around the bottom, but unfornately…I can’t tie a pretty bow to save my life.  There’s much room for improvement there, but it’ll just have to do for now.  🙂  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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