Mountain Cake

I called my dad to ask him what flavor cake he wanted for his birthday, so we started talking.  He wanted a yellow cake with cream cheese icing, a regular sheet cake.  I asked him what his favorite color was, and he said, “Hmm, well I guess blue or green.  That’s really what I loveRead More

65th Travel Birthday Cake

This cake was for a 65 year old retiree who travels the world…literally.  Ah, to be there someday, right?  This is a 2 layer 12 inch cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing in the center, covered with buttercream icing.  I figured a cake shaped like the world would be appropriate! The 65, boat and airplaneRead More

Boy Baby Shower

Another boy!  Seems like last year was the year for girls, but now the boys are catching up!  The hostess couldn’t decide between chocolate or strawberry, so we decided to do both. Here are the chocolates, before adding as decorations.  As you can see, the colors are blue and green.  I used a toothpick toRead More

NFL Cupcakes

Ah, the big guys playing football!  I honestly don’t have a favorite team (I don’t think) in the NFL, so I happily take suggestions of different people’s favorite teams. I started out with Green Bay Packers.  Yellow cupcakes with buttercream icing.  The helmets and footballs are made out of chocolate. Miami Dolphins cupcakes.  Yellow withRead More

College Football Goodies

It’s football season!  Since there are so many college teams, I’m doing a little bit at a time with the different teams. Tennessee Vols cupcakes!  With buttercream icing.  The footballs are made out of chocolate, and I had to freehand the T on the cupcakes. UNC Tarheels cupcakes! With buttercream icing.  The footballs and NC symbolRead More

Riverboat Cake

This cake was made for a retirement party, after the Barefoot Princess was sold to new owners.  I did my best to make the cake look as much like the real boat as I could, and learned a lot from the process. This is what the actual boat looks like.  Three levels, two enclosed, withRead More

Girls Night Out Cake

A close friend arranged a girls’ get together, so of course I had to make a special cake for it.  She left me with no choice…or, at least that’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it. Here’s the cake, before iced.  The breasts are made out of rice krispie treats for added effect of theRead More