40th Birthday Smiley Face Theme

My brother turned 40, so my sister-in-law and I threw a party for him.  She didn’t want the typical “morbid” theme for being over the hill, and she wanted to incorporate smiley faces in with the theme.  We had smiley face balloons everywhere, I made the Happy Cookies and the smiley face chocolates that went on top of the cupcakes.  The colors for the cupcakes went along with the color scheme of the plates.  My brother is also a peanut butter fanatic, so all of the cookies had some sort of peanut butter in them, and of course the cake.  I did NOT make the cake, my sister-in-law made it.  It’s a 2 layer 16 inch chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate icing.  She used yellow sprinkles on top of the icing to give the smiley face a little more color.  The 4 and 0 are made out of chocolate, and she positioned them on the cake so it looked like the smiley face was eating the numbers.  The cupcakes are yellow with buttercream icing, and the smiley faces are made out of chocolate.  To top it all off, my brother wore a black t-shirt with a smiley face that had a bullet hole going through the forehead.  He’s definitely got a good sense of humor! 

What I learned: To hide ALL goodies that I’m preparing for a party when I need a certain number of them.  My dad ended up eating a couple of the smiley face chocolates that were toppers for the cupcakes, and I had already counted them all out.  I didn’t notice a few were missing until I was putting them on the cupcakes.  If I could’ve made my dad go to “time out” then I certainly would have!  I hid all of the cookies, but thought the toppers would be safe.  Lesson learned!  🙂


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