The Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Every year that my daughter has had a birthday, I’ve gone a little…overboard with her parties.  Her first birthday was a luau, then her second birthday was Minnie Mouse themed.  But this year, it has been the most fun.  Since she’s turning 3, she’s more aware of what’s going on.  She also LOVES birthday parties.  So, whenRead More

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

Behind every cake, there’s a story…well, for me at least.  Behind this cake, there are several stories.  In fact, I’m still trying to recover from lost sleep over the weekend.  But overall, I was very happy with the end result of how all the goodies turned out. The goodies for this themed birthday party wereRead More

Paradise Cake

Click HERE to watch the video of this cake! Ten years ago when I was working in the corporate world, I came across something that made me really start daydreaming about a tropical vacation.  One of my friends had sent out an email with a picture of a hut on stilts in Tahiti, over theRead More

Horse Farm Cake

It seems like only yesterday when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece…and she turned 8 this year.  I’m still in shock at how quickly the kids in our family are all growing up.  This particular little girl LOVES going out to the family barn to ride horses, so when I received a phone callRead More

Shark Cake

Click HERE to watch the slide show of this cake, with many more pictures!  This year, my nephew turned 10.  This still baffles me, considering I have the video footage of his 2nd birthday, blowing out the candle and keeps asking his daddy “More, more?” for him to relight it so that he could blowRead More