Medical School Graduation Cake

Nine years ago, I met my future in-laws, without really knowing it at the time.  Among those in-laws included one of my husband’s cousins, who was a senior in high school at the time.  He wanted to be a doctor, but still had another year of high school to finish up before heading off to college.  Even as a pre-med, that boy kept his nose in the books, and was always ahead of his level.  Nine years later…here we are.  Graduating from medical school.  I still can’t believe how quickly time has gone by, now he and his wife are moving away for their residency.  Without any doubt in my mind whatsoever, both of them are going to be amazing doctors.


This is a two tiered cake, the top tier is 8 inches, and the bottom tier is 10 inches.  The bottom flavor is mocha, and the top flavor is a vanilla pound cake.  It’s completely covered with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.  The graduation cap, school book, stethoscope, and diploma are all made out of fondant.


The medical symbol is also made out of fondant.  I made that by printing out the symbol, then cutting the design out of the paper and placing it on top of fondant that I rolled out.  With a knife, I traced the outlines of the symbol, and took a toothpick to cut out the smaller holes.  This was tedious, but well worth it in the end.  The MD letters are made out of white fondant and black chocolate, and I used a mold to make those.


A friend that I grew up with is also a doctor, so I called him for some ideas.  “Is there anything I could put on the cake that would be a funny reference to their experience in medical school?” I asked him.  He thought for a minute, then mentioned a particular teacher.  Everyone knows this teacher.  He said, “If you put his name somewhere on the cake, they’ll crack up.”  And they did.  As I walked up to them with the cake in my hands, they were looking it over.  I told them to make sure they look at the book on top of the cake.  They both leaned over, and started laughing hysterically.  “Get the camera!  Take a picture!”  Their reaction to the cake was well worth every bit of effort.


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