Daisy Themed Girl Baby Shower

My cousin is pregnant with a baby girl, and the family decided to throw a baby shower for her…  And guess who was asked to make the cake?  I’d be happy to!!

She loved the neapolitan cake I made for Christmas, so she requested the same flavor for her shower.  Her sister and I were coordinating how to decorate the cake, and she loved the idea for a bow on top of a square cake for a present.  So, here it is!  I used light pink buttercream to cover both tiers, and decorated with brown and a darker pink fondant.  I love the two-toned bow, it’s so cute.  The letters are made out of the fondant letters and numbers set, only the brown part is fondant, and the darker pink background is chocolate.  I attached lollipop sticks to the back of the letters to stand up on the cake.  The only downfall?  Well, the lower case P couldn’t be at the same level as the other letters.  Next time when making letters stand up on a cake, I’ll just go for all caps.  😉  Surprisingly, as time goes on, I’m less concerned about the icing reaching that perfectly smooth consistency and more concerned about the icing tasting yummy…which is why this cake’s buttercream icing isn’t all that perfect.  Technically, it’s more of a cream cheese icing, because…well, cream cheese icing is delicious.  Especially with the neapolitan flavor.

On to the cupcakes…  Under the chocolate icing is…Neapolitan!  You must be shocked.  Under the pink icing are the caramel apple cupcakes.  I tinted the cinnamon cream cheese icing a light pink to go along with the theme, and made the chocolate rattles and daisies to go on top.  Baby’s middle name is going to be Daisy, so of course there are daisies involved in this shower!

More daisies!  And rattles.  These are all chocolate lollipops, and super cute.  I was very happy with how the color scheme turned out for these lollipops, and they ended up being a good size.  Lots of sugar!  But hey, isn’t that what baby showers are all about?

Here’s the inside of the neapolitan cake…pretty and ohhhh so yummy!!


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  1. Prettiest cake in the whole wide world… But, I am a little biased considering it was for my sweet baby Piper. So delish!!!!!!! Love you Er!!!


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