Chocolate Chip Cookie Trifle

I love trifles.  They’re easy, pretty and very yummy.  This trifle consists of chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding and whipped topping.  Oh my.  Oh my, indeed.


1 batch of brownies, baked and cooled

1 package chocolate chip cookies

2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding

3 cups milk

16 oz. whipped topping

Take half of the brownie batch and crumble into bottom of trifle dish.  Mix both boxes of instant pudding with 2 cups of milk, whisk well…it will be thick.  Fold in 8 oz. of the whipped topping and stir together well, spread half of pudding mixture on top of brownies.  Dip half of the chocolate chip cookies in milk, break up and put in dish on top of the pudding mixture.  Spoon half of remaining whipped topping on top of cookie layer.  Repeat layering.  Make sure to reserve 1 cookie and small amount of brownie for a garnish.  Cover and store in refrigerator.

As if the recipe and pictures weren’t enough, here I’ll show you how to make it!


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