Singing Christmas Tree Cake

A couple of weeks ago, my Granddad called me about making a cake.  His church has the Singing Christmas Tree, and he was wondering if I could make a cake that somewhat resembled the tree.  He suggested maybe making a sheet cake and cutting it into the shape of a tree.  I decided to do it a little differently.  😉

After looking up pictures of the singing christmas tree, I decided to go with a 3-D layout, making a tiered cake.  This cake was 4 tiers of vanilla bliss.

I used cake boards and wooden dowel rods to separate the tiers, helping each one stay level and not sink into each other.  After they were put together, I secured them by inserting a dowel rod through the entire cake.  The tiers are 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch cakes.

Halfway through the decoration process!  I starred the icing on in the pattern I wanted the beads to be, then filled in the rest of the spaces with the icing to make it look like a Christmas tree.

Ahhh, finished.  The yellow star is a chocolate lollipop, making it very easy for the star to stand straight up, and stay put.  I used red buttercream icing and used tip number 4 to make the bows, and of course the teddy grahams are the people.  I alternated with the bears holding their hands up and hands down all around the cake.  The gold beads are the “lights” on the cake.  The great thing about this kind of cake is that you can make it much larger if you want to.  I stuck with a smaller, but decent size.


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