Happy Cookies!

These cookies are a combination of milk chocolate, yellow (vanilla) chocolate, peanut butter and a Ritz cracker…no wonder they’re smiling!  Taking a bite of these cookies will actually make your taste buds smile even bigger.

I bought the mold for these at AC Moore.  Technically, they’re for lollipops, but I wanted to use them as cookies.  Here is the chocolate I used.

Melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals, stirring between each time.  Usually, it only takes 2 times in my microwave for the chocolate to melt.  Don’t microwave for too long or too much, because the chocolate will scald and be chunky.  I use coffee cups for size and convenience.

Take a toothpick and to detail the eyes and mouth of the smiley face.  Put the mold in the fridge for about 30 seconds, long enough for the chocolate to set.

Try to melt the yellow chocolate first and let it sit for several minutes before you pour it on top of the milk chocolate, because the warm chocolate will melt the set chocolate, causing it to run together.  All that hard work smudged!  Use a paintbrush to evenly distribute a small amount of the yellow chocolate over the face.  Stick in the freezer for a couple of minutes for the chocolate to set.

Take about 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter (more if you’d like) and place it in the center.  Top with a Ritz cracker and press down.

Cover with chocolate, spreading evenly with the paintbrush.  Once they’re completely covered, put in the freezer for a few minutes until set.

All done!  These little guys are so cute, it’s hard not to smile at them before stuffing one in your mouth.  Dee.  Lish.


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