Boy Baby Shower Cake/Cupcakes

This was for a somewhat large baby shower being thrown at the mom’s work.  The cake is a 3 layer 12 inch strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing.  The blue letters, booties, rattle, blocks, bears and carriages are all made out of chocolate.  This was a tall cake!  The cupcakes are yellow, with buttercream icing and chocolate decorations.  As you can see, the colors are blue and brown, and luckily I was able to match the icing to the chocolate, using light blue food coloring and light blue colored chocolate.  The brown is standard milk chocolate.  When doing multiple colors for chocolates, I use a toothpick and color in the specific areas, let it set and cover with other color(s).  Just be careful not to use “just out of the microwave” chocolate, because it will melt the other chocolate that’s already set.   I starred the icing on the sides of the cake to support the chocolates I used as decoration.

What I learned:  Next time I outline chocolate letters with icing, I’ll use a different method, like a small star tip.  I liked the idea of the straight outline, but there’s not a lot of room for error, and when your hands are shaking while doing this, it’s not a fun combination.  This cake was a little taller than I had anticipated, so next time I’ll just divide 2 batters between 3 pans, instead of making 3 batters.


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