Here are a few of the websites I stalk regularly.

One of my favorite baking blogs.  Not only do we both have brown eyes, but we both have baby boys within a few weeks of age, and both of us are the same age.  It’s fate.

I love Jhuls’ positive attitude and recipe experimenting she does in her kitchen…and from what she describes, her kitchen turns into a tornado just like mine. But as long as good food comes out of the debris, that’s all that counts. Full bellies and messy kitchens, that’s how we roll.

Lindsay posts some really incredible pictures and recipes, but I think the most envious I was of her was when she posted about going on a baking retreat. A weekend in Myrtle Beach (my hometown) with other food bloggers, eating at restaurants and cooking together? That sounds like heaven to me. She is also writing a cookbook, and I can’t wait for it to come out!

Totally jealous of Kim…her recipes and pictures have been featured in local magazines on more than one occasion, and her pictures of food make me want to eat my computer screen. She also took the photos and designed the cover of my first cookbook, “Party Time!”

I’m surprised I haven’t gotten a restraining order filed against me from Amazon.  UPS and the mail man are probably sick of delivering packages to my house and probably think I’m a crazy cat lady that never leaves home.

The amount of food containers we have in our house is insane.  I’m afraid my husband will just get fed up one day and throw everything in recycling, which would lead to more visits from UPS and the mail man.

They ain’t cheap, but when you have die-hard sports fans who go nuts over their favorite team’s desserts, this is the place to get them from.  Make your sports fans freak out over more than just the game.

Great website for lots of froo-froo food wrapping.  People love to see their food all wrapped up nice and pretty before they tear into it like a pack of hyenas.

One of the top websites I use for recipes.  No, I don’t steal the recipes!  I prefer to borrow, then change them up and not give them back.

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