In The Kitchen


These are things I use regularly for basic needs in the kitchen cooking meals.  From food prep to cooking and baking to storage, there’s no such thing as too many kitchen utensils.  I may be a borderline hoarder.

Standing Mixer

Electric Mixer

Can Opener


Casserole Dishes 9×13, 7×11, 8×8


Knives: Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Paring Knives


Utensils Kit

Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cups (dry and liquid) YES, THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Measuring Spoons

Oven Mitts

Waffle Maker

Citrus Zester

Food Processor

Digital Thermometer

Kitchen Scale

Pots and Pans

Slow Cooker

Cookie Scoops (for cupcakes, cookies and mini cupcakes, and ice cream)

Electric Skillet

Metal Bowls (for heating and cooling ingredients used in recipes)

Box Grater


Meatloaf Pan

Buffet Server


These are my staple items for most desserts, unless you get compulsive and pack a walk-in closet full of cake pans, chocolate molds, decorating items, cookie cutters, cake boxes and your husband fusses about how much baking “crap” you have, yet you continue to get more because you “have” to have this and that item for baking…  Not specifying anyone in particular, of course…

Cookie Sheets

Cooling Racks

Cookie Spatula

Trifle Dish

Baking Stone

Cake Pans 12×12, 9×13, 10×10, 8×8, 12 inch round, 10 inch round, 8 inch round, 6 inch round

Pastry Bags small, medium, large

Cake Decorating Tips Basic and Tool Caddy

Muffin Pan

Mini Muffin Pan

Jumbo Muffin Pan

Cake Plate Dome Set

Cake Caddy

Rotating Cake Stand (for decorating)

Cake Decorating Guide

Food Storage

Whether you’re making meals ahead of time or just storing leftovers, food storage is a necessity…unless you have dogs to spoil every evening.  Great for storing in the fridge or freezer, or even baked items at room temperature, these are one of the culprits in my kitchen that take up a lot of space.

Glass Storage Containers

Plastic Storage Containers

Dry Storage Items (for flour, sugar, rice, beans, etc.)

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