Vegetable Tortilla Soup

Well, it’s been a while since my last post…  I recently took a part time job working as a cook in a restaurant, so now I’m working two jobs, going to culinary school, and making sure there’s quality time with the family in there with all of that going on.  Can we say busy?  Whew!  But,Read More

Peanut Butter Fudge

As I’ve mentioned before, my family is a bunch of peanut butter nuts.  A lot of times, the in-laws in our family either chuckle or roll their eyes when yet another peanut butter dish comes into the house, and this would be a good example. The first time I made this was several years ago,Read More

Chicken Noodle Soup

Well, it’s a brand new year…AND it’s cold outside.  So, how about starting out the new year with a healthy, delicious, warm and satisfying classic comfort food?  Okay then, let’s do it! After making the chicken and corn chowder, I had to make more soups.  You can actually use the same procedures with this soupRead More

Baked Quinoa Ratatouille

In our Vegetables, Grains, and Starches class in culinary school, Ratatouille was one of the dishes that we made.  When I told friends and family about what we made that night, I realized that very few of them had actually tried it, which surprised me…but they’d heard of the name before because of the movie. Read More


For some reason, I forgot all about these little desserts…until recently when I saw them posted on Facebook.  The second I saw them, the memories flashed back in my head of being a kid and shoving as many of these things into my mouth that I could get.  Although my family worships peanut butter (literally…myRead More

Mushroom Risotto

I started culinary school last week, and our instructor was talking about a restaurant that he went to in Houston a while back.  When he was looking at the menu and was in the mood for risotto, he asked the waiter about a couple of different flavors.  When the waiter asked him what flavors heRead More

Bananas Foster

A while back, I posted a status on Facebook, asking my friends for suggestions on what desserts to make.  Bananas Foster was one of the ones that popped up, and I remember thinking, What is that?  Well, that’s actually the exact same thing my husband asked me as well when I said something about makingRead More

Homemade Mocha Hot Chocolate

Every once in a while, I get a craving for hot chocolate.  Takes me back to my young, spring chicken days of drinking hot chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows packed in there, always asking for more because there never seemed to be enough.  Although it’s summertime, that craving still peeks its head around theRead More

Hummingbird Cake

Although I grew up with two older brothers, there are two ladies in my life that are the closest thing I have to sisters…and those are my cousins.  My mom’s sister has two daughters; one who is two years younger than me, and the other, who is only 5 weeks older.  I practically stalk the oneRead More