Gingerbread Trifle

Tis the season for trifles…and gingerbread!  What better way to celebrate the holidays by combining these two gems together?  Exactly my thoughts as well.  After making the upside down apple gingerbread cake, I decided to utilize it in a trifle recipe.  My husband and I were just discussing last night how neither one of usRead More

Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

Lately, I’ve been thinking about different trifles to make.  Several years ago when I couldn’t find a recipe for an Oreo Trifle, I made one up myself…and it was amazing.  So, I’ve been brainstorming about different types of trifles to put together.  As I was thinking about strawberries and cheesecake, the though of having theseRead More

Tiramisu Trifle

As I’ve mentioned before, I love trifles.  They look elegant sitting in that trifle dish all layered and put together, and there hasn’t been one yet that didn’t taste delicious that I’ve come across.  While I was talking to my mother-in-law on Friday, we were planning the menu out for Mother’s Day on Sunday.  SheRead More

Oreo Trifle

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF HOW TO MAKE AN OREO TRIFLE! CHECK OUT MY FIRST PUBLISHED COOKBOOK!! Have you ever seen a bunch of people flock around a dessert like a bunch of wolves ready to pounce on a deer?  Well, that perfectly describes what happens every time I pull this trifle outRead More

Chocolate Chip Cookie Trifle

I love trifles.  They’re easy, pretty and very yummy.  This trifle consists of chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding and whipped topping.  Oh my.  Oh my, indeed. Recipe: 1 batch of brownies, baked and cooled 1 package chocolate chip cookies 2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding 3 cups milk 16 oz. whipped topping Take half ofRead More