Cheese Fries

Any time I go to a restaurant, there are certain items that make me drool. Okay fine, so being a foodie means a LOT of foods make me drool, but some produce salivation that cause me to take a step back and say, “No, your belly can’t handle eating 2,000 calories before dinner. Don’t be silly. Plus, they have cheesecake for dessert.”

One of those items is Cheese Fries.

When we were in college, one of my close friends and I would frequent a restaurant that had amazing cheese fries. They were the crinkle cut (my personal favorite) smothered with melted cheddar, bacon, green onions, and served with ranch dressing. We always asked for extra ranch because it never seemed to be enough. Sometimes I wondered if half a gallon of ranch would be enough for dipping. And don’t even think about bringing us just one little cup of ranch to share. That ain’t happening. In fact, we’d usually be fighting over the fries that were smothered with the most cheese.

“Hey! That ONE fry has like a pound of cheddar on it!! Stop hoarding the cheese!”

It was usually me stealing the fries with the most cheese. God forbid she get up to go to the bathroom while the fries were in front of us. She knew better.

The only problem with those cheese fries was the lack of cheese. It also drove me crazy if all the cheese was not totally melted. Cold cheese on top of lukewarm french fries should never be considered Cheese Fries. You could get arrested for such nonsense.

When making cheese fries at home, the chef in charge makes sure that NEVER happens. She also makes sure there is at least half a gallon of ranch available for dipping.

cheese fries

Cheese Fries

1 (20 oz.) bag crinkle cut frozen French fries

1 (10 ¾ oz.) can cheddar cheese soup

1/2 cup milk

3 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese*

4-6 pieces bacon, cooked and crumbled

Cook fries according to package directions (baking or frying). While fries are cooking, prepare the cheese sauce. In a medium sauce pan, stir together cheddar cheese soup and milk, cooking on medium heat until hot. Add cheeses; continue to whisk as cheese melts. When fries are done cooking, place in a 9×13 inch baking dish or a serving platter. Pour cheese sauce over fries and top with crumbled bacon. Serve warm.

*Freshly grated cheese has a smoother, creamier consistency and melts better than the bags of shredded cheese.

This recipe is in my first cookbook, Party Time!


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