Green Apple Martini

When it comes to girly froo-froo drinks, this definitely makes the top ten list…and for good reason.  It’s fruity.  It’s a martini.  It’s a pretty color.  That is a heck of a combination, and as one guy called it, “Yumdiddles!”  Yes, yumdiddles indeed.

apple martini

This is definitely one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, but one thing I’ve noticed is that everywhere I go to order one, none of them taste exactly the same.  So, several years ago when I wanted to make these at home for myself, I started looking at different recipes, and experimenting with different ways of putting this all together.  This recipe is really simple, with only three ingredients…and to me, it’s perfect.  You can always adjust the amount of alcohol if you want a little more or a little less, because I’ve heard sometimes that it’s not strong enough, other times that it’s too strong…so really that’s more of a personal preference.  Either way, I’m a fan.

Green Apple Martini Recipe:

1 oz vodka

2 oz. sour apple pucker

3 oz. apple martini non-alcoholic mixer

splash of sour mix (optional)


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker.  Shake vigorously for about 10-20 seconds,  Strain into martini glass, serve cold.


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