Superhero Birthday Party

When it comes to parties, I like to “go all out” with a theme.  But one thing I have learned here lately is that my version of “going all out” is like child’s play compared to my friend, Stacey.

I’ll never forget the first time we went over to their house for dinner.  It was in October, so Halloween decorations were all over the place.  My husband is friends with her husband, so he somewhat knew about their decorations.  As we were looking for their house, we approached a house with a HUGE spider out in the front yard.  He started laughing and said, “Yep, that’s their house.”  I was in complete awe at her decorations.  The yard was completely decked out with all kinds of very cool, very creative decorations…and of course that giant spider that was literally twice the size of a car.  No, I’m not kidding.  We walked inside the house, and even the inside was completely decorated for Halloween.  For dinner, she made the most incredible chicken pot pie I’ve ever had, followed by a pumpkin tiramisu.  She had quickly become my new hero.  The way I like to describe her is to say she’s like Martha Stewart on steroids and crack.  That first night after dinner when we left, I looked at my husband and said, “Wow, I really need to step up my game with all of this stuff.  She’s amazing.”  And here, I’m going to show you what was at her son’s 2nd birthday party, with a superhero theme.


Here are some of the party favors.  She had the glasses out for the party members to be in cognito.


It’s not a party without silly string!


Love the popcorn.  And the fact that it’s in bags.  That say pop.


Here are some comic book pages she framed for decorations.


The living room setup.  The props were literally built from scratch with wood, and painted.  I’m not kidding.


Is that a kid sized phone booth?  Yes, it sure is!  Stacey’s husband built the booth, and she painted it.


A little saying by the buildings.  The gray buildings are also built out of wood.  See all of those little blue polka dots on the paper?  Yeah.  Stacey recruited one of her close friends that was helping out, and she painted all of those on there.


Cake pops and cupcakes to go along with the theme!  Check out the buildings in the background.  She cut those out herself.


Red velvet cupcakes.  Look at the kryptonite on the top cupcakes!  She cut out comic book pages to use as the cupcake liners.


Cake pops!  I can actually take credit for these.  I asked her if there was anything I could do to help, so she asked if I could make yellow cake pops with blue and red sprinkles.  When I went to the store to get the sprinkles, all they had were the stars…which actually worked out perfect!  The inside of the cake pops are made with yellow cake and vanilla icing.


Mmm, superhero cake!  Stacey’s aunt made this cake.  It was a 2 layer pound cake, covered with buttercream icing.  She used sugar paper as the yellow bottom border, along with the cape on the back of the cake.  It was yumdiddles!


Here’s one of the little sayings on the doors.  She had a couple of these throughout the house.  This was on the door to the birthday boy’s bedroom, which had a drumset and a couple of other little play instruments.


Here’s the other one.  In this room was this really cool stuff she had in a large tupperware container.  It was flour mixed with oil, and had some toys in there.  The texture was very soft, like playing with clouds!


My little pumpkin, playing in the phone booth.


And here’s her little superhero cape.


Just a couple of the other superhero capes.  Stacey made personalized capes with all different colors for every child that came to the party.


The birthday boy and one of his friends playing at the party!

Stacey’s husband, along with many of her other friends, are constantly on her about starting a blog with all of the little arts and crafts that she does.  We’ll get her one of these days, and I’ll insert a link.  She could teach me quite a few things…she needs to get on it.  😉


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0 thoughts on “Superhero Birthday Party

  1. Holy Moly! This is the most elaborate and composed two year-old party I’ve ever heard of. I think you’re both the Dynamic Duo! I am stunned like I’ve been hit with a big KAPOW! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lol! I’m telling you, this girl is awesome. Things would really get out of control if she and I got together…maybe we should do that sometime and see how outrageous it could get. 🙂

  2. Ho…ly…cowww! This is amazing! Her husband is a great carpenter too! She needs to start a craft/decorating blog, or something. She’s very talented.

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