Over The Hill 40th Birthday Cake

Over the hill cake…Nuff said.  I love making cakes for these occasions, especially making them fun, entertaining and/or humorous.  Getting older is inevitable, so milestone birthdays should be taken with a grain of salt…and a shot of tequila.  😉

Here is the front of the cake.  The 40 is made out of white chocolate, and I sprayed it with an edible pearl colored paint to give it more of a shimmery look.

I bought the little black plastic balloons in an over the hill decorating kit, and placed them on either sides of the 40 to accent the different colors.

Here’s the back side of the cake.  Marinating…I love it.  Think I may have to use that line.

Last but not least, the left side.  The top tier of the cake is an 8 inch 2 layer yellow cake with buttercream icing.  The bottom tier is a 3 layer 10 inch chocolate cake with peanut butter chips, covered with tinted chocolate icing.

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