St. Patty’s Day Treats

The green time of year is approaching…And no, I’m not talking about the green grass of the spring and summer, or the green and red for Christmas.  St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite green day of the year.  Maybe it’s because I have red hair with fair skin, or maybe it’s because I have Irish roots running through my blood…Or, maybe just because it’s another reason to enjoy a good ole beer and to have fun with friends and family.  Let’s go with a combination of everything here.  Yeah, that’s it.

Green Velvet Cupcakes.  That’s right, just like red velvet, but I used green food coloring instead of red.  For some reason, I thought I had the chocolate molds for the smaller shamrock, but I didn’t…so I had to buy some of the sugar decorations as toppers.  But, coming across those frothy beer mugs as a cupcake topper, temptation took over as I laughed out loud at how much I loved those little toppers and couldn’t wait to use them.  Green sprinkles were thrown on top for added effect.  Wait, is that a pot of gold in the back?  It sure is.  That one is actually a jumbo cupcake with chocolate icing (tinted black) and the gold coins are made out of chocolate.  I’ll take that one, please.

Here she is!  I was actually looking for a barbie or doll pick with red hair, but couldn’t find one in time without spending $25 on a Barbie online…so I got this strawberry blonde.  I like her.  Strawberry blonde is a great hair color.  😀  She was pretty tall for the cake, so I had to add some fondant around her hip and thigh area to try and make up for the difference the way the cake sloped upwards.  Also ended up adding a LOT of extra icing to smooth the transition out as much as possible.  This is a butter cake with mini chocolate chips, and I used the doll cake pan.  The beer mug is a sugar decoration I bought at the store (same ones used on the cupcakes) and attached to her hand with chocolate, the pot of gold and headband are made out of fondant.  Look at this girl…got her headband, her pretty green dress, a frothy beer and a pot of gold!  She’s ready to celebrate!

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