Cars Themed Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Cars is definitely a big theme for kids these days, so here are different Cars cakes and cupcakes made by different people!

Mary Sides made this cake.  She used the Wilton cake pan and directions to make this cake, including the Cars dye kits to get the icing colors correct.  She made a Duncan Hines butter cake according to the directions on the package.  When it was done baking in the Cars cake pan she leveled it off and put it on the board that she made.  She made the board by covering foam board with wrapping paper and then wrapping that in saran wrap because she was not sure that wrapping paper is food safe.  Then, she used the outlines on the cake to decorate it.  She made the black from the chocolate icing tinted darker with black and the red was from cans of white icing.  Other colors also started with white icing base and the Cars color kit.  She decorated the cake right on the board.  This was for her nephew’s second birthday.

Tracy Kirk made the next cake, along with the cupcakes for her son’s third birthday.  With her cake, she used white icing on the sides instead of all over like Mary did.  Two different ways, but two wonderful cakes.  She used the Cars edible cupcake toppers with these cupcakes for the birthday party and decorating with chocolate icing.  Her cake is also Duncan Hines butter recipe cake.

These are the cupcakes that Tracy sent to her son’s classmates the actual day of his birthday at school.  These cupcake toppers are not edible, but they sure are fun and super cute!

I made this cake.  This is a two layer oval cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing.  The 5 is made out of chocolate, and the letters of the name are made out of fondant and chocolate, with the fondant letter mold.

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