Go Cart Cake!

Here we go…I had to do this one.  Go carts are SO much fun!  This is a 2 layer 12 inch chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Yes, even the green icing is chocolate!  It actually made a nice shade of hunter green since the icing has cocoa in it.

The cars are made out of chocolate, I bought the mold from www.amazon.com.  The little hill/tunnel is made out of rice krispie treats, I shaped it before placing on top of the cake and decorating it with icing.  And look who it is, cheering on the winning car…the infamous teddy grahams!!  I thought the flags and teddy grahams added a nice touch of color, and just added a little something more to the cake.  This cake makes me want to hop in the red car and take off!  🙂


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  1. Erin,

    Tried to call you but got a machine that didn’t sound like your usual recorded message. Give me a call. Mom and I are thinking about throwing Rhi a baby shower in mid March and wanted to know if you could do the cake. Let me know.


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