Bouquet of Flowers Cake

Making flowers hasn’t been a real strength of mine since I started making cakes, so I decided to learn more.  I signed up for a class at a local arts and crafts store, and we spent the first three classes making flowers out of royal icing.  After getting home, it only seemed logical to do my homework, so even more flowers were made.

In our last class, we bring in an iced cake, and decorate it.  We did the basket weave around the sides of the cake, and picked a border for the top and bottom.  I chose the e-motion border for the bottom, and the reverse shells for the top.  There is a LOT of icing on this cake!  We had to pile up more icing on top of the cake so the flowers would sit up, and we could position them at an angle.  I wanted a lot of green leaves to add to the color, so I went a little crazy with the green…but very satisfied how it turned out.  Even though these flowers ARE edible, I’ll have to pass on crunching into them.  🙂


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