Chocolate Covered Christmas Cookies

In my family, part of the holiday traditions include making cookies.  The peanut butter ritz cookies are probably the most popular in my family, by far!  This year, I decided to mix it up a little bit by adding chocolate covered oreos.

I got the holiday colored oreos specifically for this little project.  It’s still the same flavor, but with the cream being red inside.

With the peanut butter ritz cookies, just spread peanut butter in between two ritz crackers, and dip in melted white chocolate.

Let the cookies set on wax paper, so they’re easy to pick up when finished.  After the milk chocolate hardens, put green melted green chocolate in a squeeze bottle and draw little trees.

Same with the ritz cookies, let them harden on wax paper, then decorate with melted red chocolate in a squeeze bottle.

All finished, and ready to be eaten!  This year, I’m dividing all cookies among our family get together, and friends that are getting cookie tins.  I’ll also be making triple chip cookies and decorated sugar cookies to throw in there as well.


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