“Ho Ho…Uh Oh!” Christmas Cake

Every year, our extended family gets together for a large Christmas celebration.  This year, I decided to make a large, pretty cake for everyone. including chocolate decorations.  The kids are sure to love the chocolate!

This is a 11×15 inch neopolitan cake.  The bottom layer is chocolate, middle layer is strawberry, and the top flavor is vanilla.  Cream cheese icing is in between each layer, and covered in buttercream.  The chimney was cut with a square fondant cutter, two layers.  Santa’s legs and boots are made out of fondant, and I wrapped the fondant around dowel rods and inserted them completely into the cake, to secure the legs and chimney.

The reindeer and sleigh are made out of solid chocolate, using molds.  I attached lollipop sticks to the backs of the chocolate to make them stand straight up on the cake.  The lights are sugar decorations from the local cake store, and spice drops are set up along the bottom of the cake for added color.  Looks like Santa got stuck in the chimney!  Uh oh!


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