“Waiting for Santa” Christmas Cake

Christmas is coming, and so are all of the yummy treats that go along with the season.  Here is a 3 layer 10 inch Neopolitan cake…chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Naked cake!  Chocolate on the bottom, strawberry in the middle and vanilla on the top.

I was trying to decide how to decorate the sides of this cake since it was so tall, and wanted to do something a little different.  Here, I used a size 10 tip and piped on the different colored icing, alternating between the two colors.  The sugar decorations were bought at my local chocolate store, and added a little something extra.

The tree, star, presents and baby girl are all made out of chocolate, using different molds.  I attached lollipop sticks to the back of the tree and presents to make them stand up straight.

Here’s a closeup of the chocolate decorations.  Oops!  Baby’s little bottom is hanging out.  Maybe Daddy put her in her nightgown.  😉  The sleeping baby is just so cute.  Even if Santa did come, she probably wouldn’t wake up.  Maybe next year…


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