Neapolitan Cupcakes

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla…Oh my!  Oh my is right.  Yes, indeed.  As a kid, I always liked the neapolitan ice cream, but as an adult, I LOVE it.  So, I decided to make them as cupcakes.

First, make the batter of each flavor.

Using a cookie scoop, take one scoop of each flavor and put them into the lined muffin pans.

Bake at 350 degrees for 22-24 minutes, then cool completely on cooling racks.

Cream cheese icing goes well with so many different flavors of cupcakes, including this one.  Top with cream cheese icing, then take some of the icing and mix it with strawberry syrup, put on top.  Then, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.

Hello, beautiful.  The combination of all three flavors is oh so delightful.  As I brought my husband a cupcake, my face was covered with a big smile and a little bit of icing.  He smiles, and asks if they’re terrible.  I told him they were.  Thirty seconds later, he asks if he can have another one and take some to work tomorrow.  Yes, they really must be horrible.


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