Chocolate Covered Halloween Oreos

When I was in college, I discovered something incredible when I was doing some Christmas shopping at Wal Mart.  Walking down the sweets aisle, there they were.  White chocolate covered oreos.  My eyes got as big as golfballs and my mouth started to water.  I picked up the package and handled it carefully, turning it over, wondering if all dreams do come true.  The entire package disappeared in a couple of days, and you would’ve thought I was protecting a baby cub if anyone came near them.  But, to my disappointment, they disappeared off the shelves after the Christmas season was over, and I noticed that they were only available that time of year.  Luckily, making chocolate goodies is my specialty, so every time of the year is like Christmas!

But this time of year, it’s nice to make them special.  I got some orange chocolate wafers from a local chocolate store, but you can also buy it from AC Moore, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.  It says “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” on the package.  Milk sure does have good taste.

With melting chocolate, make sure to melt the wafers in 30 second intervals, stirring between each interval.  I like to use a pair of tongs when dipping cookies into chocolate, just a personal preference.  Drop the cookie in and press down, then pull out with the pair of tongs and place on wax paper.

After the chocolate has hardened, melt some milk chocolate.  I prefer to use a squeeze bottle when decorating chocolate in this manner.  Pipe the chocolate design on top and let it set.

Ta Daaa!  Here they are, all finished and ready to be devoured.  I’m really not an artist, so their faces may not have come out perfectly…but they did the job.  Such cute little pumpkins, and they’re really good, too.

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