30th Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

My best friend’s husband turned 30, and she wanted to throw a surprise dinner for him at a restaurant.  She wasn’t sure what theme to go with, so we just used a few decorations of the color scheme from Party City, so I decorated the cake to match the colors.

She couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted chocolate or strawberry, so we decided to do both!  The cake is dark chocolate with mini chocolate chips, covered in chocolate icing (tinted black) and decorated with all chocolates.  Even the numbers are chocolate.  Whew, that is a lot of chocolate.

The cupcakes are strawberry with cream cheese icing, the colors tinted to match the color scheme.  The 30 is written with the chocolate black icing.

I made the stars using light blue, orchid and white chocolate.  I got the mold from www.amazon.com, and used silver luster dust to go over the white chocolate, adding a little sparkle.  The pattern with the colors and the way they were arranged worked out perfectly on this 12 inch cake.

This was the setup at the restaurant, just to add a little decoration with all of the colors we had going on here.  I ended up leaving a big chunk of the cake with the restaurant employees, so hopefully they enjoyed it.  😉


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