Waterpark Cake

It’s really, really hot here this summer, and I thought it would be great to make a waterpark cake.  As you can see, the teddy grahams are having a great time in the sun and water, going down the slide into the pool, while onlookers are catching rays on the pool deck, and others are enjoying the lazy river.  This is a 12×18 inch very moist yellow cake with buttercream icing.  The slide is made out of yellow cake as well, I poured some batter into a loaf pan and shaped the loaf when it was finished.  The towels are chewing gum, the floats are peach rings and the parasol was just an added bonus for an umbrella.  This was fun to make!

What I learned:  To make a bridge next time?  My husband said something about it being a moat, but I explained that it was a lazy river.  I would like to make a more detailed cake, but would probably try that on a larger cake.


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